December 17, 2015


Cream needs no introduction . Riding the swells of the first acid house wave with a club brand that has come define a generation and more for their big night experiences and also the DJs that have become part of legend. Cream has had a tour show in Birmingham for over 9 years and has held residency at the mindless best venue The Rainbow Venues. Bringing the likes of Erick Morrillo , Todd Terry, Danny Howard , Sister Bliss . Sell out shows in a warehouse with Ibiza production and A list Artists. Smiling happy people dancing to a beat. Nothing compares to Cream Birmingham, its part of you.

Cream Birmingham March 7th Rainbow Warehouse With Erick Morillo The After video for our best event so far with Erick Morillo DJ Danny Howard Judge Jules Futuristic Polar Bears The Squatters . Watch it now. Tag a friend thats in it or missed it. Next event Ibiza Carnival grab your pre release tickets.

Posted by Cream Birmingham on Sunday, March 29, 2015